Which Double Sided Tape?

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Which double sided Tape?
As with single sided tapes there are multiple varieties of double sided tapes, these tapes vary both in the type of material they are constructed from and the type of adhesive they have.
Double sided tapes can be constructed of something as thin and lightweight as rayon tissue and suitable for fabrics, paper and  cardboard which are commonly used to manufacture sails, curtains and blinds and advertising displays, to dense heavy duty acrylic foam tapes such as the Acribond range, used for joining metal , glass or acrylic sheeting and used in such applications as mounting aluminium panels to building  façades, constructing vehicle canopies or truck bodies and in shop fitting and sign and display industries.
There are also cloth, film , rubber and foam materials that are used to manufacture double sided tapes to suit different applications.
The type of adhesive used on double sided tapes can vary as well, typically acrylic adhesives and rubber adhesives , each have their own attributes that suit certain applications and preclude them from others.
In very general terms  acrylic adhesives are longer lasting and can withstand higher temperatures such as our double sided polyester tape and rubber adhesives have better “quick stick” properties but tend to be more of a temporary solution like our double sided cloth tape .
There are several points to consider when choosing the most suitable double sided tape for your application.
Type of substrate: flexible, rigid, smooth, rough, heavy or light, Low surface Energy etc ?
Environmental exposure: Indoor, outdoor, hot , cold?
Lifespan: temporary or permanent ?
Weight: will the tape be expected to mount a heavy façade panel or simply stick a poster on a bedroom wall?
Once these questions have been answered a suitable tape for your application can be found, if you’re unsure please email us and we can recommend the most suitable tape for your intended purpose.