You need an M1000 Dispenser.

You need an M1000 Dispenser. main image You need an M1000 Dispenser. image

There has never been a more versatile dispenser in the adhesive tape industry than the M1000. And there has never been a better time to buy one. There are hundreds of applications daily where people need a small piece of tape to hold something in place. Look no further.
The M1000 is an electrically operated, digitally controlled machine, that dispenses and cuts pieces of adhesive tape. One after the other, until you say stop. If you have a thousand envelopes to send out, and you want to tape the flap closed, you need an M1000.
If you have somple samples to stick onto a display board, you need an M1000. If you want to stick business cards to brochres or handouts, you need an M1000. 

Let me tell you why. The M1000 can hold a roll of tape from 6mm wide up to 50mm wide. It can hold double sided tapes, it can hold masking tapes, it can hold packaging tpaes, it can hold printed tapes. It can cut those tapes into pieces, neatly, quickly and safely.
Are you getting the picture? Say you have a decorative trim to stick onto the front of your furniture. You want 50mm x 12mm pieces of double sided tape to secure it. You can get a roll, and a pair of scissors, and use two hands and cut the pieces yourself. Or you can put the roll into your new M1000, set the length to 50mm, and push the button. One handed operation. Push the button, out comes the piece of tape. What could be easier? If you have a hundred trims to mount, what could be quicker? If your workers cut too little tape it might not hold, or if they cut to long a piece, you are wasting money. With the M1000 dispenser, you always get the right amount. 

It's also ideal for packaging areas, for printed message tapes, and labels. If you need small lengths of masking tape for tabbing, holding things in place, just set the length. It will pump out pieces as fast as you can stick them down. You're probably wondering why you haven't seen them on info channels on your tv late at night? Or thinking gee, these must be expensive? The M1000 dispensers have been around for years, and are quite popular in many industries. We often find that after a customer buys one, they buy a second or third because they see how much time and money they can save. Have a look in our dispenser section, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive they are.