Eco Friendly

Plastic is becoming an increasingly complex enigma.
Many of the day to day products we use are made from different kinds of plastics, and they are often packaged in more plastic. What happens to these plastics when they are no longer wanted?

Sadly only a small percentage of plastic packaging and products is recycled in Australia, much of it ends up in landfill, and can take up to 1000 years to break down.

There has been much talk on reducing our use of plastics, and in particular single use products like drinking straws, shopping bags and packaging. If we all re-use our shopping bags, and use more paper and cardboard packaging, and newer biodegradable products, we can make a difference.

No. 230 Biodegradable Packaging Tape is a new and exciting product, the first packaging tape of this kind.
It is made up of 70% CaCO3, which is calcium carbonate, found naturally in egg shells, sea shells etc, and of 30% non toxic plastic with an additive to attract micro organisms. When in landfill, the CaCO3 portion breaks down and goes into the ground as would egg shells etc. The remainder is eaten by the micro organisms in the ground, and converted into biomass, water and carbon dioxide, all harmless products found naturally around us. Testing is underway to confirm how long this all takes, and as this is a very new product, has been going for less than a year.
Already we have seen over 80% of the tape broken down, so we can be confident that this product will biodegrade in a few years, unlike plastic products from fossil fuels that are with us almost forever.
The tape is a white colour with a printed message that tells people the tape is biodegradable, and hopefully they will think of using biodegradable products too.

No. 109 Recylable Packaging Tape has an environmentally friendly paper carrier that contains no plastic layers or coatings, so that it is fully recyclabe with cardboard cartons and paper. It has a look and feel that matches perfectly with cardboard cartons to give a professional and confident seal and appearance.