Packaging Tape Dispensers. Why so many types?

Packaging Tape Dispensers. Why so many types? main image Packaging Tape Dispensers. Why so many types? image

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We often get asked why we have so many types, and which one a customer should buy.

It all comes down to what you are packaging, and how many you have to do. If I had one box to seal to send back because I ordered the wrong stuff on ebay, then I probably wouldn't even need a dispenser! Just cut it with my teeth. Well, probably best to use a pair of scissors or a knife, but you get the idea.
What if I was an online seller, and I had ten or more boxes to send out everyday? Well, I'd want to do it quickly and easily, so I'd go for a pistol grip dispenser, like our P4, $11 well spent, If I was using wider tape, say 72mm I'd go for the P5. These dispensers are designed specifically for sealing cardboard cartons, they have a rubdown flap to apply pressure to the tape and make sure the adhesive sticks to the carton, and a sharp blade to cut the tape at the end. Ergonomically designed handles, easy to load, and quick to use.

So why are there other dispensers?
You may be familiar with the noise that comes with using most packaging tapes, it can be annoying if your on the phone and someone starts taping up next to you. Our P6 low noise dispenser has an extra roller that reduces the noise when you are using the dispenser. In fact, that one feature makes it our most popular dispenser.
As I mentioned, these dispensers come with a sharp blade, and care should be taken when using them. The P7 dispenser has a retractable blade, that only comes out when you push down on the rubdown flap, like when you have finished taping the carton, and then it cuts the tape. Then the blade retracts back so that you can't cut your fingers, it can be a great idea for sheltered workshops, or where you have casual staff, or those not used to using dispensers.

And then there's the tear drop dispenser. You can use these for sealing cartons, but they really are great for wrapping around things, like drums or tubes. You pull the two halves open to load the tape, and there is a blade at the front to cut the tape.
If your working at a bench, and want a desk dispenser, then why not try our E5, clamp on dispenser. It's great for printed tapes, or where you just need a piece of tape to cover a label, or to repair something. Because it is clamped onto the desk or bench, you have two hands to hold and apply the tape.