Understanding Cloth Tapes.

Understanding Cloth Tapes. main image Understanding Cloth Tapes. image

Cloth tapes are generally constructed of a rayon or cotton cloth mesh, coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. For industrial applications, the adhesive is usually an aggressive solvent rubber, which has great quick stick properties, and adheres to almost anything. Our 7000 cloth tape comes in seven colours and is ideal for bookbinding and colour coding. It is also used as a masking tape in sandblasting applications such monumental masonry. Our 7100 cloth tape is thicker, stronger and has a more aggressive adhesive making it a favourite for holding cables and equipment in staging and lighting shows,and is commonly called gaffer tape.
Our 1800 cloth masking tape has a similar construction, but a removable adhesive, and is often used to hold plastic or paper sheeting, and for masking of exterior areas when concreting.
Medical tapes have a less aggressive hypoallergenic adhesive, for use with direct contact to the skin. Additionally, industrial cloth tapes often have a coloured polyethylene coating, providing greater water, UV and abrasion resistance. This means that cloth tapes are durable and strong whilst still being extremely flexible, and easy to use. Check out our medical tape section for a range of tapes for securing dressings and bandages.